Subcon Lot Disposition (SLD)

Employees and broad spectrumSLD is one of Microchip’s eservice suite of applications which caters the need to handle lot dispositions for sub-contractors

SLD is a workflow-based application which helps subcons to initiate and track a disposition when there is an issue with the lots handled by them.

Once the disposition is initiated by subcons, system will automatically route the disposition to appropriate or designated Microchip personnel, post which subcons will be communicated on the steps to handle the disposition.

All the notifications between Microchip user and Subcons are handled via email.

Both sub-contractors and Microchip users will be able to access the online application to view the current status of the disposition, initiate a disposition OR action on the already existing disposition.

Accessing this application is a two-step process:

  1. Partners must register themselves with Microchip. After registration login to eServices to request access for this application. Microchip Document Control will process the request and grant access.
  2. Once access granted, users can launch the application to view/track/submit Lot Disposition requests.
  3. Internal Microchip users should be added to the corresponding group (Assembly, Final Test & Wafer Sort) to access their corresponding dispositions. Users can submit a service now ticket requesting access for the appropriate groups.

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