Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR)

SCAR is one of eService suite of applications used by Microchip to issue Supplier Corrective Actions to the Supplier, Subcons and Foundry.

Request will be initiated by Microchip user and registered SCAR supplier / subcon / foundry contact will be notified via email about the corrective action. The application will guide the user to submit the Containment and Corrective action and 8D reports to Microchip.

All the notifications between Microchip user and Subcons are handled via email. Reminder emails will be sent to users as due date approaches for report submission.

Accessing this application is a two-step process:

  1. Partners must register themselves with Microchip. After registration login to eServices to request access for this application. Microchip Document Control will process the request and grant access.
  2. Once access granted, users can launch the application to view/submit/track SCAR requests.

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