Test Setup Option

TSO is one of Microchip’s eService suite of applications which is used to notify subcons when there is a revision to the Test Setup Options. User interface enables users to view and download TSO documents.

TSO will notify subcons whenever there is an update to the data elements like warrants a Test Setup Option revision. Location based daily notifications via email are sent out to registered users. 

TSO also has a web user interface online application where both subcons and Microchip users will be able to view and download TSO documents.

Accessing this application is a two-step process:

  1. Partners must register themselves with Microchip. After registration login to eServices to request access for this application. Microchip Document Control will process the request and grant access.
  2. Once access granted, users can launch the application to view/download TSO documents

Existing User ? MicrochipPartner  | New User ?  Register